Bird box IR camera

After having missed the deadline for the nesting season in 2020, I did manage to finish it this time. I got my inspiration about several online tutorials, but in the end, streaming was no option.

I am using a Raspberry Pi Zero and due to our HR++ glazing WiFi reception is iffy at best. Due to this I decided to simply take a picture every 5 minutes, store that locally and upload it to here.

Part list
Raspberry PI ZeroMini computer that runs it all.
Raspberry PI Noir CameraCamera module without IR filter.
LISIPAROI Infrarood LED ringThese IR leds provide light for the pictures.
SHTC3 sensorSensor for temperature/humidity (inside).
DHT22 sensorSensor for temperature/humidity (outside).
IP65 junctionboxSomewhat weatherproof enclosure.
USB extension cord10 meter USB extension cord to get 5V where I need it…
MiscCables and duct-tape!

All of this runs on a lite version of RaspiOS with a python script that takes a picture every 5 minutes and uploads. If below image isn’t update, please do a page refresh. If it still doesn’t update, something crashed 😉

Some pictures of the build itself.

Checking focus distance based on last year’s nest.
IR ledring, camera and SHTC3 sensor in the box. Duct-tape for the win!
The brains on the outside!
Ready for a new family!

last update: 27-02-2021