No-hub home automation

No progress here, other than that I have some parts available. Just need time.

January 2020: idea is brewing, deadline, none for now!

Relevant Links

Below links I already gathered for myself as reminders, inspiration, etc for this specific project. Click at your own risk and please report any broken links.

hackaday.ioUse a CC2531 USB Stick as a ZigBee Concentrator to replace your Philips HUE, Osram Lightify, Xiaomi/Aqara Hub, IKEA tradfri, etc. gateway. #Zigbee: Xiaomi Sensors using Raspberry Pi (without Gateway!) Flashing a CC2531 dongle using a Raspberry Pi
jwillmer.deZigbee to MQTT case for Raspberry Pi Zero
learn.pimoroni.comControlling IKEA Trådfri Lights from your Pi
joonas.fiIKEA Trådfri bulbs without Trådfri gateway: getting started (complete instructions)

last update: 27-02-2021