Grafana ftw

OK, that went easier than expected. The Raspberry Pi 0 has been running without any low voltage errors. I have installed InfluxDB and Grafana on that same RPI 0 and it actually works?

While I am not 100% what I am doing, I did manage to push the sensor data from my python2 script into a database (apparently…) and was able to show that with Grafana!?

yay graphs!!

I am quite surprised that a little RPI 0 can do all this and fairly fast as well. 1GHz, single-core CPU with 512MB RAM and it it’s all quite responsive actually. I did check what this is doing with the CPU temperature, but it looks quite OK.

Well, it looks OK when it’s 3 degrees outside…

In the end this won’t be the final set-up. I have a RPI4 I need to set up which would be far more suitable to host all this. Also keeping my eye on that DHT22 sensor. The relative humidity it’s reporting seems to level out around 90% where I would expect 100%. Can be the sensor, but can also be warmed up air returning from the junction box it’s all installed in… hmmm, food for thought!

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